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Gated Security, does it work?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Gated residential communities are boasted as being safe but are they really safe and is having a gated property a waste of money and time? Does it give a false expectation of security? Having been in the security business for over 30 years I have worked properties with gate controlled access as well as those without. I can say it is my professional opinion that having a gate at your community helps. It cuts down on free access and the public taking advantage of driving onto private properties. The gate is not fool proof and is not the "be all, end all" to securing your property. Drivers can still access the property if the gate has a sensor that reopens from the closing position if it detects another vehicle "tailgating or running the gate". Another is the type of gate that can easily be bumped off track causing damage to the gate motor system or the arms. Pedestrians can also enter at these unmanned gates and once on the property they can do whatever they want.

What about the manned gate? This is the best scenario but then again it is only as good as the security company you have working the gate. If the officer is not paying attention to those that have notices of trespass or those who are not residents and allow those persons onto your property then there is failure. Know your gates and know your security personnel. To give a true effort of securing your residential areas install a good industrial grade gate as well as a security patrol agency to man that gate. In large communities having another officer patrolling the property should be considered as well. Don't operate on the presumption that "because it has never happened, it never will." Remember, all it takes is one incident that can have a devastating effect. get protected from loss and liability. What are your thoughts?

Gated Security

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