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Should you stay in-house or move to out-source security?

Updated: May 6

Should You Move from In-House to Outsourced Security Guard Services?

Have you thought about outsourcing your security guard services to a professional security company?Many businesses are now choosing to go this route for construction site security, retail security guards and other security services.If you can’t decide whether or not to outsource security guard services, ask yourself these questions.

Are my security resources being used effectively?

Are my security guards using adequate technology to effectively do their jobs?

Do we have the necessary expertise to successfully handle all sorts of emergencies?

Are we making a wise investment of our resources by staying in-house?

If you find yourself saying “No” again and again, you may want to consider outsourcing your security guard needs.

Why Businesses Hire Outsourced Security Guard Services

The top reason why many businesses make the switch from in-house to outsourced security guard services is purely economic. It’s more affordable to use an outsourced service than it is to run a full-scale security guard operation.Many times, businesses make the switch because their organizational resources are not being used effectively. They are paying for security guards during times when they don’t really need them. This is a waste of time and money that could be allocated to other parts of your business. Think about it. Where would you rank security in terms of growing the overall profitability of your business? When you look at how much it costs to run in-house security guard services versus going the outsourced route, you can see the difference. When you choose to go in-house, you have to worry about regularly training your security guards. You also have to carry the financial burden of replacing used and worn-out equipment. Replacing a fleet of patrol cars can cost your business a lot of cash. That’s why many businesses choose to outsource. They don’t have to worry about purchasing the latest technology and training security guards. The security guard company covers it all. It’s quicker, easier and more efficient to outsource your security guard services. In today’s world, your security needs could change at a moments notice. Are your security guards properly trained and equipped to handle all of your needs?

Benefits of Outsourced Security Guard Companies

Many of the security experts work for companies that provide outsourced services. These types of companies allow you to:

Focus on your core business

Cut administrative and human resources costs

Reduce liabilities involved with in-house security guards

If you decide to go with an outsourced security company, be sure to find one that has significant expertise and experience. It’s best to go with a company that provides a single point of contact. This makes it easier to plan and coordinate your security needs. In the end, deciding between in-house and outsourced security guards comes down to what is best for the profitability of your business. Do your research and go with what makes sense for your business.

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